SafeZone Hacked with SubGrids (pistons)

Yuri shared this bug 2 years ago


I am managing 4 servers.

PVP players found a way to HACK SafeZones and grind bases and turn off safezone by connecting to base with connector and place 10 jump drives to charge, overloading base power and shutting down safe zone.

So how they do it:

Attaching pistons on pistons on pistons! and adding grinder on it, then extending this piston while ship is outside the safe zone!

safe zone try to push it out but ship forcing it in! and this way grinder is grinding blocks inside safe zone!

Owner allowed grinding for his needs and now offline.

Or the attacking player add landing gear, and attach to ship inside safe zone, then pull it out!

If connector exist on base with shared access, player can attach to it, and overload base power.

SafeZone fail, and base is destroyed.

I am sure there are more ways to hack safezone.

This has to be fixed, safezone = useless.

Thank you.

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If player made public station for trade, with safezone, then by using connector and overpower the station safe zone can be disabled, and public station destroyed. again safezone is pointless.


Use 2 grids. One for the trade station, one for safezone power and supply that Is controlled manually, or from a connector on a piston behind an airtight hanger door only the owner can access so outsiders can't connect to it.


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