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Safe zone generator bug: Generate safe zone from a ship

mansuy adrien shared this bug 22 months ago

With this bug it is possible for a ship with a safe zone generator block to generate a safe zone at a location while still retaining full movement abilities. the bug is also extremely easy to reproduce and add on top of the already existing problem of safe zones use in combat.

How to reproduce the bug:

1- outfit a ship with a safe zone generator

2- turn the ship into a station so you can set up the safe zone range, properties and check if the ship's power structure can handle it

3- turn the station back into a ship. the safe zone deactivates as expected.

4- turn the power off then on, upon reactivating the safe zone block will charge a new safe zone despite the grid not being a station

and there you go, you now have a free floating safe zone you can enter and leave at will, and still be able to move, exit, enter, fight or jump away from the safe zone.

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Fixed in v193.


I've had the exact same happen to me days ago, so I'd say it's not fixed.

Although for me it happened rather during what i assume was a server desync, since i was pretty sure my ship was turned into station, but when i logged back, it was not. I mean, I managed to turn on the safe zone and all, so, the server was clearly recognizing it as a station... well, something wrong happened.

After repositioning the ship and turning it into a station -again- and ensuring there was no sync issue this time, i was able to turn the safe zone off (which previously had been imposible) and thus reset it.

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