Rover falling through ground and disappearing

Clonefiter Gaming shared this bug 2 years ago

I've ditched Titan and started again on the earth-like planet. I haven't made any flying ships and stuck to rovers, which are the problem. The end of 3 of my rovers have been from falling through the ground. I play on high quality yet still my vehicles fall through the ground so goodbye planets.

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On official keen server, NA2. On several occasions in the past few days, respawn pod will fall through the earth like planet (haven't tested other planets yet).

Spawned on moon with rover respawn pod, flew to earth like planet. While driving it on the earth like planet surface, the rover and I simply fell through the voxel surface. The server was mostly full (may have had something to do with it).

Spawned on earth like planet with earth respawn pod, quickly converted to a flyer and found a suitable location. Landed and locked the respawn pod to the ground. While chatting, I watched the respawn pod make the landing gear noise and simply fall through the voxel surface (again the server was mostly full, perhaps that had something to do with it).

I spend a lot of time on official servers and most players are staying away from the earth like planet as of late, other players are warning players on the earth like planet about grids falling through the planet. Many players in chat on a regular basis will chat about their ships/rovers/respawn pods falling through the earth like planet, it happens frequently.

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