Rotors Clang

marcin212 shared this feedback 15 months ago

To start, build two rotors like in the screenshot. As long as they are connected with a line of blocks, everything is fine. Once you put a spotlight on the blocks between the rotors, everything starts flying. If it doesn't start, just wiggle the "Upper Limit" rotor slider. Tested on dedicated multiplayer. Blueprint starts spinning immediately on spawning.

I create new bug report because old received status Outdated and problem still exist.(Tested today on GameVersion: 1.198.027)(Link to old report:

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Such issues have been a part of the game for so long it would be easier to reclasyfy it as a feature rather than a bug lmao.

Like in some countries where sale and use of drugs becomes too much for the police to control so they just legalise it .


Lol- that's just basic Clang101. You need to consider the collision volumes and realise that the spotlight in that position will intersect with the static part of the grid as it rotates, causing Clang. Learn to leave more space or build differently...

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