Rocks and ressources despawn after mining

Dachgruber shared this bug 3 years ago

While mining resources mined ore and stone will despawn after short amount of time.

As a fellow engineers recorded: this results in incredible amount of lossage and breaks a lot of the current collector setups for me.

(Video isn't mine, all rights to GwnDaan)

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The ores/rocks despawn when about 10 ores are created. No matter the settings for max floating objects wich is higher than that. I didnt change anything in the settings but the ore behaviour just changed. Even a server restart didnt solve the problem. I also deleted all the small grid debris but that didnt change anything.


Update: The bug is still in the game. After some more research I think I could identify the problem: If two or more players are mining, more stone entities get created. After a unknown limit was reached, the stone started to dissapear. We tried to work arount this problem by picking up every small piece of stone and refining it, but it is still a very annoying bug.

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