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Right click / drag failing when source window has too many rows

Mark McCorkle shared this bug 3 years ago
Won't Fix

Video is worth a thousand words.

Description of bug:

When in the inventory screen, if the source window which I'm trying to right drag a certain number of items out of has more than 8 rows of items in it, the window auto scrolls, and the item I attempted to drag is ignored and whatever item which is directly under my cursor *AFTER* the window auto scrolled will be picked up for the move operation.

Steps to reproduce:

In my test I had two ships connected via connector, but I imagine this happens for all moving attempts.

For your "source" container, have at least 9 rows of items on the screen (when running at 1080p) such that you have to scroll the view to see all of the items in the container.

Attempt to right click and drag an item from the top row of the list.


SE 1.193.019 -- hotfix from Oct 25, 2019.

Windows 10 PRO, version 1903

Screen resolution: 1080p, both fullscreen and windowed

Video reproducing the bug:

Sorry for the super low volume mic. You only really need to see the video to get whats going on.

Possibly related issues:



Ping me (Beta Mark or mccorkle#5340) on discord directly if I can provide more detail.

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HELL bug!

Cannot pick a welder.. I am done. :-)



As a work around, make sure your important stuff is in cargo containers with less than 6 rows of distinct stacks (remembering that data pdas don't stack). That's generally my problem. I'm playing SE like I used to play Skyrim where I collect every PDA like its a book and fill my house with them.


same here... I already submitted a new bug report because i couldnt find another one of this kind. Now that i submitted mine, i found this one, but cannot find my own anymore... very strange...

Ah, using the search now i can find my report

But it doesnt appear on the "bug" section for some reasons if you just browse it...


I've noticed that some times too. For me, I lose my submitted topics because the default view is "most popular" and not "new". Switch your view and your post shows up at the top.


Same issue, it's getting really annoying, I feel like I'm chasing after my inventory... This can't possibly be intended, but there are so many undocumented changes to inventory controls, that I can't tell what intended and what's completely broken.


Please try it on the latest version (hotfix 193.020).


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