Restrict Safe Zone Activation

John M shared this feedback 2 years ago

I feel like the exploits weaponizing safe zones are a little bit overpowered.

1. You can take over a base for FAR cheaper than ANY other method without.

2. Owners of affected grids are unable to engineer around or prevent a safe zone from spawning or prevent a "raider" from taking everything almost for free in comparison to the cost required for the limited time required to completely take over a base utilizing said method

3. Hostile grids can "depower" a safe zone by attaching a mass of batteries and "draining" a safe zone's power supply, this can be fixed by disallowing non-friendly power pass through or limiting it to only being locked and not allowing power through at all with a terminal setting to set it this way (it being how it currently acts by default)

Solution: Upon safe zone boot up, check within the set area for ANY grid that is not owned by any faction member who may be associated with the safe zone block. If ANY grid is found to be within area, stop initialization and prevent safe zone from spawning.

Solution 2: Upon safe zone boot up, check the previous solution's requirements and set it to the maximum size allowed without engulfing any hostile grids while also preventing safe zone from expanding.

Solution 2 part 2: Add a delay to any size action which checks the previous requirements to prevent players from expanding area and "pushing" grids aside or engulfing static grids that aren't owned

basically, the system that checks whether or not the grid is owned is the same as whether or not the grid can be painted, right? if not, add this for these reasons. Expanding upon this; check for 80% ownership of all functional AND hostile blocks that would affect grid operation such as batteries, tanks, turrets, medbays, etc. OR add check boxes on the world configuration screen under some sort of "advanced" tab to at least allow the players to disable what is considered "required" to "own" a grid, and maybe how much.

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No, pushing out is a good feature

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