Respawn ship should spawn outside planetary gravity

kittle shared this bug 4 years ago

The yellow respawn ship always spawns 18km away from the planet surface and is subject to planetary gravity. This means i have to spend 1/2 my starting uranium just getting out of range of the planetary gravity.

The planetary lander ships work fine, but please fix things so the yellow respawn ship does not spawn in planetary gravity.

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I believe the cause of this, is that spawn ships have a specific spawn coordinate in certain custom scenarios you start with. Like if I move Earth and spawn in the Solar Systems scenario in an Earth Lander, I spawn in the middle of space, quite ineffectively.

A method Keen could use to fix this, is to have space spawn ships spawn randomly within some distance of a planet, so long as it is outside the gravity field. It would have to do checks prior to spawning of course so that it can spawn you.

I'd also add another check to always spawn the player 20,000km or more from any of his death positions. This would sort of ensure they don't use some method of cheating to gain materials, like building a cargo container in open space then deconstructing their ship to start filling that container then dying to get more materials.

As for fixing planetary landers, Keen could use an adaptive lander design. If planet has an atmosphere greater than 0.60 density, spawn the player at an altitude of 70% from the planet surface in an atmo lander. If the atmosphere density is less than 0.60, spawn in a hydrogen powered lander at an altitude of 50% from the planet's surface.

In this case, if you spawn on Mars, you'd be in a hydrogen lander, while if you spawn on Earth, it would be an atmo lander. That is, if you use a realistic mars like I modded in, where atmospheric thrusters would be totally useless.


When is the respawn points going to be changed? I'm getting tired of loading in and being caught in the gravity with my ion thrusters and crashing into the planet. The planet loads in to slow, to allow these yellow respawn ships to spawn so close to it.



Thank you for reporting this issue. This system will be changed in next major update.

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Keen Software House: QA Department

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