Request access to Ore Detector GPS locations

Patrick Heney shared this feedback 19 months ago

I would like access to the GPS coordinates generated by ore detectors. Preferably both in-game access, via programming block, and access for modders via the mod APIs.

I understand how the ore detector works and that it can be process intensive, so I'm not asking for access to all ore, or all ore locations. Just the locations that the detector pops up on the HUD. It doesn't even need to be real-time access -- an update delay of 5-10 seconds would be fine. Even a full minute delay would be usable.

Having access to these locations would allow GPS coordinates to be created and autopilots and jump drives to be directed to them. It also provides engineering opportunities for building prospecting and mining drones.

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This is the last piece missing in the puzzle of fully autonomous game-play. If you could use this as an input for programming block, you could make the game to be played itself :-).


Wouldn't that be awesome? lol

I think it would open up a new style of play and a new game loop, something akin to a management-sim. The player would focus on managing and directing their drone fleet to grow their operation.

This also blends well with players that want to focus on PvE and PvP game loops, and provides the opportunity for faction members to specialize in their activities.

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