Remote Control won't move when Collision Avoidance is changed

Pedro Matos shared this bug 2 years ago

Tested this WITHOUT MODS.

  1. Create a remote controllable minimalist Ship

When the ship arrives at coordinate 1 - as an OneWay Trip

I assign the next waypoint - I'm not using multiple waypoints in this example.

Then I switch collision avoidance to OFF

Then I change the direction of travel to Down

Then add the new waypoint.

The ship aligns itself to it but does not travel to the new waypoint.

Next, I open the remote control, I see the AutoPilot is STILL ON.

Then I quickly switch ON and OFF the collision avoidance.

The ship now moves to the destination.

Video with the BUG:

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On the video it looks like you are in the line of travel for the drone. Maybe this is the issue? As it cannot avoid collision it just stops? Can you confirm that this is not the case and make a change remotely ?

When you toggle the control you can see it starts to avoid you and when you turn it off it just stopps and points in the direction of waypoint. When you move out of the way it starts moving also.


True but the issue happens even when I'm not in front of it.

Did you see that toggling on and off collision-avoidance makes it start to move?

I'm seeing this with my cargo drone from the mine to the base and so on.

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