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Remote Control w/ Auto Pilot and Hydrogen Thrusters

DragonsKin shared this bug 3 years ago

The mentioned blocks/features do not appear to cooperate in an isolated environment.

To reproduce:

  1. Create a simple ship with a Remote Control block and only a Hydrogen Thruster system (no atmospheric or ion thrusters).
  2. Add coordinates for the RC's autopilot.
  3. Engage auto pilot.
  4. Notice that the ship does not behave as expected.

Test that bug is isolated to Hydrogen Thrusters by:

  1. Turn off auto pilot.
  2. Copy/pasting the ship and replacing all thrusters or by simply adding atmospheric and/or ion thrusters in all directions on the existing ship.
  3. Engage auto pilot.
  4. Notice that the ship behaves as expected.
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I see this same thing, only I see this only while in a planets gravity. My experience has shown that no matter what type of engines I use when in the gravity well of a planet auto pilot ceases to work properly.

While in space it works as expected in all configurations.


Darn. :/


I remember this one from a while back. Had wondered if it ever got resolved, but never tested for myself. The bug has forced me to design many of my ships/drones with at least one ion thruster in each direction when using primarily hydrogen - that seemed to get around the issue (although not an ideal fix in some circumstances).


Yeah, it does appear to resolve the issue but is definitely not ideal. It is odd to me that any of the thrusters would behave differently given that are programmed to an interface.


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Same Problem! the autopilot overshoots dramatically and doesn't slow down in time. even if i use precision mode.

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