Remote Control Autopilot Thruster usage

Hans Peter shared this bug 4 years ago

a ship with active autopilot use the force of the true thruster, but the fuel consumtion and animation of the thruster of the opposite direction.

i was wondering why my drones always came back with full hydrogen tanks (if they came back, but this are different stories:))

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this bug has been around for at least 4 years now and never has been fixxed and been noted to be a bug by keen more then once but we never seen a Fix for it. your seen this on any ship un remote control even NPC's.


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@keen this needs bumping.


The AutoPilot is really wasteful with energy and uses thrusters constantly even when it's not necessary. I have one installed on my base ship and sometimes use it to move it closer to where I am when I'm roaming about in a smaller vehicle. Because of the energy usage though I only use it sparingly. Most of the time I fly the ship manually with the Remote as that uses less energy.

It's also very bad at using whatever resources are available to acomplish it's task. It really needs thrusters in all directions as well as a gyro to reliably get to it's destination. While you can get away with a single thruster and a gyro to get it going towards it's destination, it's not able to stop. You need at least 2 thrusters for it to have a chance. But it won't be able to come to a complete stop. It will always drift some.

The AutoPilot also seems to turn itself off if there aren't enough power. It might be a good idea to add a timer block that keeps turning the autopilot on if you are trying to build an automated drone.

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