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Reactors stopped pulling uranium

Daniel Adam shared this bug 13 months ago
Not a Bug

Since the optimization update, all my reactors stop pulling uranium after a certain ammount is reached.

Example: my small reactors (large grid) only pull 192 uranium ingots, anything more in the connected container gets ignored. Large reactors stop at around 3K.

i can still transfer uranium manually into the reactors, they just stop pulling it automatically.

I know there´s some text in the changelog referring to this but i can´t believe this was intended...

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Pulling anything to inventory is expensive operation (especially in multiplayer) and it's actually not needed. Reactor is pulling enough to operate now. No need to have more in the inventory (automatically) and if you need more (some long trip) you can simply do it manually.

Thanks for the report


Well good to know. So we can't use reactors as automated uranium storages any more.

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