Raycasts fail on planets if there's no dynamic entity

Gwindalmir shared this bug 4 years ago

This is a ModAPI issue.

I've noticed that if you only have a station on a planet, you cannot do a physics raycast to find the surface unless there's a dynamic grid around (non-static).

I understand this was probably done due to performance, however I request that the system should also check for any controlled entities as well.

Why is this a problem?

If you are sitting in a cockpit/flight seat on a static station on a planet, your character physics is unloaded. If you are the only player, and there are no dynamic grids around, this means the planet physics unloads. This means you can't scan the planet surface with mods.

With help from equinox, I found the projectile code does something called voxel pre-fetching to resolve this, however I was unable to resolve my issue with this in practice.

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