Ragdoll madness in public test

AimusSage shared this bug 18 months ago

Occassionally my engineer will go insane with ragdoll effects. I find it occurs mostly upon leaving a grid with jetpack. The only way to stop it is death/suicide.

What happens?

Upon leaving a grid the engineer will start to randomly spin at varying speed without any control. Engaging jetpack does not stop this motion, enabling or disabling dampeners does not stop the motion either. only thing that stops it so far is dying. It is diffuclt to reproduce exactly but occurs most often when moving from a grid and engaging jetpack.

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This still happens!

Other effects related to ragdoll:

- change space pod to station, fly off with jetpack / come back with jetpack ... land with mag boots, and engineer will no longer be able to go through the sliding doors.

- get of space pod by running without using jetpack, but at low speed, hit asteroid, engineer starts going out of control.

Basically i think ragdoll physics effects are persistent without resetting.


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