Projector is merging block groups

Jan Chris shared this bug 12 months ago
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I have created a deep core drill ( like the sky / space elevator in the title videos ... only in the opposite direction ).

It uses a set of timer blocks to control the drilling progress and its crawling downwards on the self welded conveyor tube.

After some time, I found another use for the core drill: Tunnel drilling and underground base expansion... So I used a projector to duplicate the drill. And here the problem starts:

  • The timer blocks handle some block groups ( e.g. all drills in one group ).
  • But every new drill expenses the existing groups instead of creating a new group.
  • So every timer block with access to a group partly activates blocks from all other drills, too.

Sadly block groups are not identified by a hidden ID and the name is for the user only ( like all blocks ).

To worsen this problem you can't rename a block group. You have to create a new one and delete the old one ... and you have to check every timer block for the deleted block group. It's a hell of a work and very error prone.

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Hello, Engineer!

Thank you for your report. Could you please provide us with a save of your world where you are experiencing this issue? Thank you.

Kind Regards

Keen Software House: QA Department


Hello Mrs. Červená,

I guess, it would be best, if I create a new ( almost empty ) world with only the projectors respectively the drilling machines and the attached processing complex.

I will add some info panels within the world to point to the problem, I am experiencing with the projector / block groups.

Please give me a day or two.

Yours sincerely,

Jan Chris


There it is. I hope, I have eliminated the most crucial mistakes, I have added in my first attempts to migrate the infrastructure and the blueprints from my survival world into this creative world. The sorting of materials in my base is somewhat broken now ... but for demonstration of the strange behaviour of the projectors concerning the block groups, this is irrelevant.

I have added some LCD screens as info panels.

There is also my problem with the projectors described.

In this save file, there are only two drilling machines built.

No. 0 is the prototype next to the player.

No. 6 is a little bit away. It's already corrected with the renaming of blocks and block groups.

Next to No. 0 is a projector ready to construct a new drill. If you use it, the block groups of this drill will be mixed with the block groups of the prototype. The result would be, you can't control the new drill independently from the prototype.