Projector breaking and becoming unusable (latest version)

Francis Mercier shared this bug 19 months ago

Hi, I found a bug with the projectors 100% reproductible when you toggle them on and off very fast.

- Use a projection of moderate size (I was able to reproduce this with my projections from 100-600 blocks but I suspect the behavior might happens with any projections)

- In the terminal ui, go on the projector and put your might cursor on the off toggle, then click it the fastest you can for 10-15 seconds.

At some point, the projector does not load anymore. Going into the blueprint menu again to select it or another blueprint won't work either. It remain stuck without any visible projection.

I was able to reproduce it through the UI with a single projection, through the toolbar by toggling on & off 3 projections randomly the fastest I could and through a programmable block.

Note that using the programmable block, the TotalBlock / Remainingblock properties still displays the correct values, even though the projection is not loading anymore.

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