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Projected blocks count against PCU limit

kittle shared this bug 21 months ago
Not a Bug

I play on a server where the PCU limit is 50k per person.

I have a blueprint of a ship with 38k PCU - well under the server limit. after building about 60% of the ship i can no longer turn on the projector because i get an error "PCU Limit reached"

To reproduce the problem:

1) pick any blueprint from the workshop. note the PCU value

2) create a new world/ server and set the PCU limit to a little more than the BP. ex: if bp is 1,000 PCU, set limit to 1,100 PCU

3) setup a projector, turn it on and start building the BP.

4) stop at 1/2 completed. turn off projector

5) turn projector back on - error "PCU limit reached"

5) press 'G' and note you still have around half of your available PCU

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Thank you for your contacting us, but this feature currently works as intended. Projected blocks count to the PCU limit. However, it will be forwarded to our designers to see if there is anything we overlooked.

We will message you once we have more information to share.

Kind Regards

Keen Software House: QA Department


Hi - Thanks for the response.

I guess I wasnt clear in my description.

As per the problem reproduce steps:

1) projected, but not yet build blocks count against the PCU limit. --> expected2) built blocks count against the PCU limit --> expected

3) projected AND built blocks count DOUBLE against the PCU limit --> this is the bug

Expectation: projected AND built blocks only count once against the PCU limit


Sounds to me like it is counting both the built and projected blocks because they both exist at the same time... Which isn't efficient, which is likely atleast part of why there is an option 'keep projection'. If this is still occurring with the 'keep projection' box unchecked, then I'd say there is definitely another issue going on.

That said, I personally find it ludicrous that all non-functioning holo-blocks use up the same amount of performance cost units as their functional counterparts. They shouldn't even have physics.


i cannot see how this is working as intended.

if you build off a projector, while you are building the blocks the projector is using isnt being given back.

so after a bit, you run out of PCU and you cant build anymore, unless you turn off the projector and finish the ship by hand.


well ive gotten to the point where i can no longer turn on the projector. even tho i have over 800 PCU left and i only need about 600 to finish the ship.


I have this issue:

I bet it calculates wrong at times, not matter if there is a projector or not.

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