"Private" workshop items not showing up in BP's for named co-authors

CptSavarus shared this bug 19 months ago

Hi team. 'nother one for you.

I published a WIP blueprint on the Steam workshop that I only wanted to share with one person for evaluation. I set the item visibility to "Hidden" and added the other person as a named contributor / co-author so they could veiw it.

The item shows up for them on their workshop pages but is nowhere to be found in their blueprints, despite unsubbing & re-subbing many times, confirming the download, restarting Steam and all the usual workarounds for Steam downloads.

Have experienced this twice now with 2 different people. Both times since the first public Survival beta test.

I'm reading quite a few reports of people not being able to find subbed world files in their game & am thinking this may be related.

Since private items are showing up in co-authors workshops, I'm inferring that this is more likely an issue with the game rather than with Steam.

Game version is current: 1.189.041

Blueprint was created in a world that was generated after the major Survival update but before the last 2 hotfixes.

Steps to reproduce:

>Publish workshop item.

>Set visibility to "hidden"

>Name a contributor / co-author


If needed, I can add someone from your staff as a co-author to the item so they can see the problem first hand.

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