Kurzer shared this bug 3 years ago

Hello o/

Did you guys change something in the last few days? I have ships and stations that aren't pressurizing. I made a single square space blocked off on all sides with a vent and oxygen system. The vent error says "Room Pressure: Not Pressurized" I didn't do this test right away of course, first I rebuilt a station twice, then I did the test lol

Any help figuring out if this is on my end or a game thing would be appreciated.

Cheers o/

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Hello, Engineer!

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I apologize, I don't log in here as often as I should. It's been a couple weeks now, the pressure issues seem to have gone. I still have issues with some mods but that's not a Keen problem. Using vanilla blocks I have not had any more instances of this issue. Thanks for all your hard work!!


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