Precision (Precise?) Rifle feels Underpowered

Elor Yosnak shared this feedback 15 months ago

I have to preface this by saying I honestly have grown to like the new weapon update. I have a few small but other than that it's really nice. On to the issue

The precision rifle feels like it does too little damage when compared to other weapons.

In a simple test (1 full magazine of all weapons versus 1 large grid light armour block), it turns out that the precision rifle can take as much health off of a light armour block in 1 magazine as... the basic pistol. Additionally, the precision rifle and the basic pistol are the worst out of all the weapons. (I listed the full percentage list at the end of this topic)

I like the niche that the Precision Rifle [should] fill. It has low recoil, and thereby good range, along with better damage. Unfortunately, the damage is actually worse than the basic rifle per magazine, which has similar recoil, and the only other benefit is a scope, which while admittedly somewhat helpful does not contain magnification.

Per shot, the damage is better (I'm not 100% sure how much better but it is better). The problem is that it is not enough better to outweigh the smaller magazine. I think even a small damage boost would be enough to fix this problem (or perhaps the problem could be fixed by normalising damage per magazine) but right now this really does feel quite underpowered.

Thanks all in advance, and I do understand if this is ignored, it is a somewhat personal opinion.

As Promised, the full list of magazine damage to light armour block:

95% from base pistol full mag

92% from rapid pistol full mag

94% from elite pistol full mag

92% from base rifle full mag

95% from precision rifle full mag

85% from rapid rifle full mag

89% from elite rifle full mag

84% from base rocket

88% from "elite" rocket

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A large portion of this information is incorrect due to the current bug which lead me to believe this situation was more severe than it is. (Single player damage is lower than multiplayer / online games' damage)

That said, the precise rifle still feels slightly underpowered, though not anywhere near as much.


The Precise rifle, and the non-auto Pistol need to "hit like a megaton"... as they are not auto, and thus should be precision firing weapons for targeted high impact damage. Making any automatic weapon hit as hard, or harder... should be avoided.


It is worth noting (not sure if you saw my comment) that the precise rifle does actually hit much much harder than the other rifles. It is apparently a world version issue that lead to this post. I still believe they need to hit harder (perhaps less so the pistol, I think it's okay for a pistol to be a pistol, but the precise rifle certainly still feels a little underpowerd.

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