Possible Laser Antenna Bug

Anthony de Araujo shared this bug 2 years ago

Full Disclosure... Never tried this before, but I think I'm doing it right.

Three bases: Alpha, Bravo & Charlie

Alpha has two laser antennas. Bravo & Charlie have one each.

Bravo connects to Alpha Laser Antenna 1

Charlie connects to Alpha Laser Antenna 2

This is on a Multi player server.

If I spawn at Alpha, I can remote access Bravo or Charlie

Let's say I pick Charlie. I'm in a cryotube, at Alpha. So I Shift-K, Pick "Charlie" from the drop down up top... Game looks like it's doing nothing for a about a second. Then I get a "Ship has been disconnected from terminal" message on the screen for about a second, then Charlie's control panel shows up... Great... works as expected.

However, now Bravo has completely disappeared.

I suicide, and spawn at Charlie. From Charlie's control panel, I only see Alpha.

I suicide again and spawn at Bravo. From Bravo's control panel I see both Alpha and Charlie.

After a minute, I exit the cockpit at Bravo, then reenter. Now, from Bravo's control panel, I see neither Alpha or Charlie.

If this is because the server, or the client itself "disables" grids that don't have anyone near them after a while, then that's OK, though it would be nice to have an option to keep laser antennas connected. I use this multipath connection to manage inventories and production of our other bases without having to physically visit them or spawn at them.

In all instances above, where a base stops showing up in the dropdown, the laser antenna on the base that I am at, that should provide connectivity to the base that isn't listed, shows as "Connected to laser antenna whatever".

So in my scenario above, where I'm at Bravo and the other two don't show up? In the control panel, at Bravo, it shows, in the details for "Bravo Laser Antenna", "Connected to Alpha Laser Antenna 1". So even if relaying (like trying to connect to Charlie, from Bravo, via Alpha) isn't intended to work (though I believe it is), even the "direct link", from Bravo to Alpha, doesn't work, even though it says it is "Connected to Alpha Laser Antenna 1".

If this is not working as designed, then consider the bug reported :)

Keep up the good work!

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Hello, Engineers!

This issue should be resolved by now. Please try on current version and let us know if it persists.

Kind Regards,

Keen Software House: QA Department