Please fix the damned Rotors.

Gerart Zovitsky shared this bug 4 years ago

I play on a modded modded SE. I built a jet with plane wheels that can extend and retract, that is based on the default rotors of SE. (Plane Parts) ( Whenever I take of with speed or land, there seems to be a "drag" effect. It either tilts the plane upwards or downwards. My jet can tilt, move forward or start to clang when it is static on the ground as well. I do play with a Aerodynamic mod (Aerodynamic Physics (Deadly Reentry + Drag + Flight) ( I have tested this with a default world, the same thing happens with normal rotors. I have also asked the mod creators about this issue, they can confirm it is default rotor based.

There's a another similar issue. I have started too build a runway for my jet, and so in the process constructed a "Road Builder". It is essentially a vehicle with welders facing downwards to help me build my runway. On the runway I have my jet parked with wheels extended. Sometimes when I start to build my runway with the "Road Builder", my jet starts to tilt and clang parts off of it. I can see when I start to build, smoke appears at the location of the wheels.

Let me know if you need anything more.

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The solution to this problem

First of all we shouldn't even need to even vote about this as its a bug everybody has had for years now. The internet is littered with posts about this dating back years. People are pretty frustrated with it.

There is a serious problem with how the game is working out drag between grids and their center of mass when using "Rotors" and "Pistons". Might be in general too but cant confirm it.

When you mount a rotor the game creates a new grid with its own center of mass. The game then tries to work out how it would affect your ship in relation to its center of mass. On top of that it not doing it properly as on my tiny space ship, it's even working it out backwards. We need to stop creating different grids just because you mounted a rotor or piston as it does not make sense.

This way you don't only solve this severe flaw in physics but also a lot of other problems with the rotors. The fact that if you hit your self in the head wile floating in space its not going to cause you to spin. If a piston or a rotor hits the ship its connected to or has any collision issues, the ship is going to start spinning and move all crazy until the end of time. Make it all the same grid and you have effectively solve a lot of really old issues that are preventing everybody from using rotors and pistons.

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