please consider making LCD Panels also an instance of IMyTextSurfaceProvider

/dev/null shared this bug 20 months ago

All Displays are now accessible through the (rather nice and improved) IMyTextSurface interface.

But there are two distinct groups: the well known LCD Panel blocks seem to be directly derived from IMyTerminalBlock; while all of the new displays are accessible only threw their blocks IMyTextSurfaceProvider interface.

So when I want to somehow iterate through all available Displays, and e.g. check their Name and on that do something, I have to do two distinct loops, where the one can not be cast to IMyTerminalBlock, and the other has no IMyTerminalProvider.

See the attached script that makes all Displays on grid say "hello" with their name(s) and designator(s) and also tell if they have a provider or can be cast to IMyTerminalBlock:

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LCD Panels do currently implement IMyTextSurfaceProvider but it doesn't work in a useful way. The surface available through the provider is a separate surface and isn't visible.

I hadn't found this post earlier and submitted something similar. See also: