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[PLAYTEST] Mod Weapons broken

Kuroshi shared this bug 4 years ago
Won't Fix

Together with a few other things, in the playtest I noticed modded weapons being broken. This seems to mainly apply to ones that generate their own ammuniton, but i do not think it is only those.

I have tested Weapons of 3 mods in the normal and the playtest version.

Attached are worlds with testing platforms, one from playtest, one from non-playtest

You will also notice that the weapons with missile functionality have missile smoke in the playtest, while they do not have any in the normal version

cockpit hotbars are set up

Happy Bug hunting!

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Issue is not on our side.

MySyncComponentBase does not have SendCloseRequest anymore. Mods should use Entity.Close()


Looks like the next version of SE will break a LOT of mods. Build and repair system is out, as well. :(

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