Player Can be Deleted While in Sitting in Seat

WesternGamer shared this bug 3 months ago
Reported – Awaiting fix

I found a way to delete yourself or another player.

How to reproduce:

1. Sit in a passenger seat or control seat on a grid.

2. Open Admin Menu With Ctrl + Alt + F10 or with Ctrl + Fn + Alt + F10.

3. Go to Entity List.

4. Change select to Characters.

5. Select yourself or another seated player.

6. Click Remove.

7. Click Player Control.

8. Exit the Admin Menu.

9. If you deleted someone else, they will be gone. If you deleted yourself, the gui/hud will be gone. You can still interact with the grid with the toolbar if in a control seat. You can open the toolbar menu with G. Attempting to open the terminal menu with K will crash the game. Saving and opening the world again won't allow you to respawn. I have a world attached with the player deleted.

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Hello, WesternGamer!

Sorry to hear you experienced this issue. Thank you for the excellent reproduction steps and save file. I have successfully reproduced the issue (and crash) and have reported this internally.

Kind Regards

Laura, QA Department