Plaentary ship dampeners won't hold altitude after re-connecting to connector-based subgrid

Ryan Rands shared this bug 2 years ago

After detaching a connector-based sub-grid that is locked onto another grid (small or large grid) a planetary ship (atmospheric or hydrogen thrusters) won't hold altitude. It drops at around .05-.6 m/s toward the gravity well. This is definitely a bug, because if you keep the subgrid attached and save and reload the game, the ship will hold altitude precisely.


1) Create a planetary ship with atmospheric or hydrogen thrusters and 1 or more connectors.

2) Create a subgrid with at least 2 connectors and a battery.

3) Connect the ship to the subgrid, then attach the other connector a station.

4) Disconnect the ship connector from the subgrid, then reconnect.

5) Detach the subgrid connector from the station. Ship will now slowly sink into gravity.

6) Save and reload the game. Ship will hold altitude.

I've recreated this several times in vanilla games, but here are 2 blueprints that can easily show this bug:



This also affects subgrids attached to a station via landing gear. I tried creating a solution with landing gear as a workaround, but it hits the same bug.

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I have the following situation:

A big ship with plenty of thruster-power. I attached a small ship to it and switch off the dampening at the small ship. The combination of this 2 grids is going down wich constantly 0.25m/s.

It makes no difference, if i use connectors or a landing gear.

It makes no difference, if i switch off dampening or switch off the thrusters of the small ship.


I am having the same issue. Ship slowly loses altitute while having a smaller ship docked to it. Hydrogen thrusters only on the mothership, flying in 1.00 G. The ship's thrust should easily be enough to lift both crafts.

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