Piston Head attachment should operate like Rotors (and projector Subgrid woes)

AccidentallyTheCable shared this feedback 5 years ago

Currently Pistons can only have a new head attached, and do not allow attach/detach of an existing one. These functions are super important since projectors cant deal with subgrids (when will we be able to project subgrids?!). Also please expose to ingame scripts!

Both functions (projector + subgrid, and, piston heads like rotor heads). are really needed.

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For a fully functioning piston head you can use this mod: Piston Head Tools


This should be in the stock game.

Regarding the projection of blueprints with sub-grids, please vote on the topic below:


The multi-grid projector issue is unfortunately fragmented on this support forum. I'm trying to get the votes together under the above post, which has the most votes already.

Thank you.

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