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Space Dozer shared this bug 2 years ago

Some of the extra textures for armor blocks are looking weird or pixelated (see pictures).


Gold armor is kinda weird with the light bending abilities. Moving around with the headlamps only generates the bright spot in a fixed axis. Doesn't matter if I look down or up. Also Sometimes its almost black even tho there is plenty of light. Also the texture has some weird texture marks. Maybe its supposed to resemble wear but its just weird. Looks like some kind of texture bug.

Same with silver although to a less extent.


The small grid light armor blocks are having tiny spots or marks The large grid light armor are ok. (see pic 1-2)

The large grid heavy armor blocks have the same problem. (see pic 3)

Small grid heavy armor has a different kind of problem. Weird shapes on paint and the feeling its from the '90s. (see pic 3)

The block sides with the texture problems have a slight discoloration from those that doesn't have this problem.

Not all side is affected on some of the blocks.

Almost all block is affected, (except maybe for large grid light armor, and a few shape on the others)

So far only saw this problem on armor blocks. Tried it on a few other than armor block and had no problem.

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