Oxygen in Space Around Ship

Alex L shared this bug 3 years ago


When the player is in space near an airtight ship with an oxygen generator the game will detect that they are in a O2 rich environment. You can even take off your helmet while floating in space without taking any damage. The temperature sensor will also report that the environment is warm. This only happens within certain spaces around an airtight ship with an O2 generator.


When in space there should be no oxygen and the environment should be cold.


Make sure your airtight ship is in an oxygen/atmosphere free environment. Now turn on the O2 generator and make sure the ship's O2 is at 100%. Now, you can leave your ship and fly through space with your helmet off. You'll be able to breath in certain areas near the ship.

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Hello, Engineer!

Thank you for your feedback! Your topic has been added between considered issues.

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In addition, My friend and I noticed the following:

1) We can take helmet off in space in a passenger seat attached to the side of a ship (we tested small grid only)

2) If using magnetic boots on the outside of a small grid ship, you can take your helmet off and take no damage and lose no oxygen. if you jump or jetpack off you will begin to see normal damage etc.


The reverse is true aswell... build a ship in space, then go down on a planet with atmosphere, and you will suffocate around your ship, even if you are right on earth.

And patience indeed, the 1st hint about this bug is 2 years old...

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