Out of Memory Error - Memory Leak

Rob P shared this bug 12 months ago

I posted the original problem in the feedback section but now that I have reproduced it and caught the problem before it forces a restart of my entire computer, I can say that it's something that's a problem.

Here is the reader's digest version: I start a game, with pretty small build, I hit the ESC key, save my game and walk away.... with options page showing - no activity on my part as I am no longer playing. I came home 8 hours later, game had crashed, but the control panel (windows) showed it as still running, and was increasing the amount of memory being used by SE. It was at 8.8Gig and increasing at .2 gig per second.

I've attached the log file. You can clearly see that the memory is being eaten away. The issue I posted in the feedback section also has a different log file attached to it so you can compare. The title of the Game is "mod heavy" but it isn't.

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UPDATE: Sept 23

I wasn't expecting to be posting another update to this issue, but I encountered it again yesterday but in a different context.

I loaded the game but did not load a world or start any build. I simply loaded the game to the point of the opening screen. I ended up not playing the game but left it running on the title page. When I got back hours later, the game had crashed but left the 'overlay' window a blank white. I had to shut down Steam to rectify the problem.

Can't seem to find anything in the log file (attached), but then again..,


The game is now crashing even while I am playing. I don't get an error message, the game just up and shuts down. I can play for about an hour or two at the most. Log file shows nothing when it crashes this way... at least from what I can decipher out of most of it.