Offline MOD / World Compatibility

Felix Antoine Lebrun shared this feedback 18 months ago

Why do i need an internet-connection to load 'downloaded' Mods?

Why are the saved worlds not avaible while starting the game offline?

I think it should be implementable to not having this problems...

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It used to be completely offline. But Keen for NO REASON moved alot of sh*t online. Likely as a setup phase in a plan to bleed our wallets.

I have started to hate this company.

Check your steam folder in "Workshop" then 244850 the mods are in there. But they are not named.

Just mod ids. If its steam forcing them to do this - they are idiots. If its keen they are idiots.

They don't add stuff to the game under the idea that they will add more bugs. Meanwhile they move most of the game online (When it worked perfectly fine offline) and now nothing works.

Even controller support is useless. Every time I switch to the control it crashes, with many other issues.

They are destroying this game. Keen, whoever is running things is going to end your company. Mark my words.