Odd Pulsating Gray Ball

Trevor Goddard shared this bug 40 days ago

I'm playing on the star system preset and landed on the edge of what I assume to be one of the pole and saw some weird pulsating gray ball out of the corner of my vision I'm assuming that this is a glitch or bug but I don't know in a weird way it looks like a gray tumbleweed.

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I forgot to mention that it was during what was like a blizzard


I have exactly the same thing.

Earth-like planet. Star System map (Survival) but I landed in a temperate region nowhere near either of the poles.

There is rain & lightning in this area (Weather effects are enabled for this world.)

The "object" is a semi-transparent black & grey pulsating sphere, smaller than a 1x1x1 small-grid block, half burried in the ground. It grows & shrinks rhythmically, as if deliberately animated.

It cannot be collided with or interacted with in any way.

To my knowledge it was not present when I landed - it appeared at some later time. My game world has perhaps 6 hours played & was created on the 2nd July.

Game version is current. 1.195 + all hotfixes.

Some screenshots of it as I found it...





This screenshot shows an attempt to "dig it out" of the ground with a hand drill. As you can see, it persists & hangs in the air, even with nothing supporting it....



I too got attacked by the kung fu ball. it appears to have a bush-like texture, and alternates it's texture between pulses, as if it's turning inside out (which it probably is)

this is on a multiplayer server, and persists between relogs.

close up of the textures attached

videos of the ball (taken on 2 different days):



Like CptSavarus, I too tried to dig it out of the ground.

im concerned this is some part in a greater mystery. the mysterious pulsing tumbleweeds. the hidden balls of fluff. The Music of the Spheres. george bush 2. who knows?