Objects sometimes not present when loading a world

CptSavarus shared this bug 18 months ago

Hi team!

Another randomly occuring bug for you. Had this one happen multiple times now.

When loading a world, sometimes certain buildings & vehicles in that world - or parts of them will not be present.

I've noticed this both with small and large grids, static and dynamic, most commonly where there are sub-grids present but also occasionally where there are no sub-grids

Can confirm it on Earth-like planet. Have so far not seen the bug when loading in space.

Bug occurs both in Creative and Survival mode.

As an example, I have a large-grid static station on the Earth-like planet which has several small-grid turrets attached by rotors, as well as a crane-type rig consisting of large-grid pistons. On loading the world, the small-block subgrids with the turrets on; and the crane rig with the pistons are present but the large-block static primary grid is gone. The turrets & crane rig will fall to the ground as if there was never anything supporting them.

The bug doesn't happen every time I load, only occasionally. Exit without saving and reload seems to fix it. Have not seen any instance when exit & reload doesn't work.

Steps to reproduce unknown, as the bug occurs seemingly at random, even though no parameters have been changed since last loading.

Game version is current: 1.189.041

Worlds I've seen this in were all created after the major Survival update (but before the last 2 hotfixes)

Can publish & link a world file and / or screenshots if required.

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