No Way To Retrieve Subgrid Block Data From A Blueprint In Survival

Ian McDaniel shared this bug 20 months ago

I have just transitioned over to using small grid, sub grids for timer blocks and programming blocks. When I paste a ship with these sub grids in creative mode, all configuration in the timers is saved. When I try to legitimately add the sub grids in survival friendly ways, any block data pertaining to blocks on the main grid is lost.

For example, I am using timer blocks to run a set of automatic docking ports on my ship. When I paste the ship in creative mode, everything works as intended. But When I try to add the small sub grid to the ship legitimately via rotor and projector, all block commands in the "Setup Actions" that pertain to blocks on the actual ship are lost. Block commands that pertain to blocks on the sub grid are maintained.

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