New hitboxes causing welders to not "reach"?!

Qwuille shared this bug 15 months ago

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I have been playing around alot with Whiplash's two scripts, LAMP and WHAM.

Now for some reason they do not work properly when it comes to welding, or rather, the scripts work as they always has done so far.

But when i have the welders for these player made missiles, weld the new missiles. They cant weld them up as they have done before.

If i help them weld a little bit, they start welding up a bit of the missile, but then stops. Missing parts here and there, even one missile design I made, where a sensor is below the welding tip will not weld up. There is enough spacing for it to weld.

Feel free to check his example ships and you can see what i mean.

Also made a quick testworld with 2 of the example ships, note that they did work just fine before the hitbox patch came.

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Hello, Qwuille,

thanks for sharing the issue with us. So... I was looking into it for some time and I think I spotted what you think. Just need to make sure as I do not have prior knowledge how this ship and systems on it worked before.

For me, everything worked kinda smoothly as missiles can be shot and new can be welded at their places. But what I did spot when looking into the missile silo (or how to call it) during welding and then firing the missile, I noticed that some parts are still in silo, even after the rocket itself is shot out. And then these just disappear. Did you mean something like this?