New Encounters Salvage Drones Bug/flaws

Super Happy Alien shared this bug 17 months ago

It seem Drones that spawn with the Salvage Station When heading toward the player will bang in to each other and grid each other all a player has to do is slowly flay backward and get free stuff

the flaw happens 99.9% of the time. just spawn that encounter and watch.

but i think this is the flaw limtaions of the DroneBehaviors.

I think the only Fix to this would be New Ai DroneBehaviors that allow it to target and hit a player or a player grid but be able to keep its distance from friendy grids Ie it own faction Pirates etc.

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Yes, I've tested the Ai Drone Behaviors, for grind drones on my own drones and ships. No matter what settings are used they all choose the same target, the player. As they all come from the same spawn point, the end result is: one working drone, 2 pieces of scrap.

Grind drones can also we tricked into cutting their friend in half. By putting a disabled drone in the path of a functioning one.


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