New Block Mirroring Issues

Michael McFarland shared this bug 3 years ago

Several of the new blocks in Wasteland don't seem to mirror properly:

New interior light skin(s) when placed on opposing sides of a block

  • Create a new single small block
  • Add a mirror element down the middle
  • Add the new light on one side of the mirror plane
  • Note that the mirror side doesn't place (preview of mirror shows the light matching the same orientation on the mirror side rather than mirroring

New buggy cockpits don't mirror properly

  • Create a new plane of blocks
  • Add a mirror plane down the middle
  • Add or preview the new buggy cockpit block, notice that the block is offset not mirrored

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As well as not mirroring properly when placing on other blocks, placing a new 2 wide cockpit by itself and then trying to add an even symmetry plane does not work, instead resulting in an odd symmetry plane


I'm just gonna tack on 'solar panels don't mirror correctly' still, ever since they were added to the game.

Same with large grid rocket launchers.

You's think they check these things more carefully before signing off on them, but that's just wishful thinking...


Hello, Engineers!

Thanks for letting us know. All these issues written here has been reproduced and put into our internal system.

Kind Regards

Keen Software House: QA Department


Regarding mirroring blocks that do not have a mirror, like the refinery and medical bay. They should rotate 90 degrees so that the conveyor ports will connect to mirrored large cargos below them. So do a 2x2 square of large grid large cargos and place medical bays and refineries on them so that they rotate 90 degrees around like a clock or like and old timey windmill. The cargo accesses should line up with the conveyors on the med and refs.

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