Need FPS Limit Option

Vas Vadum shared this feedback 12 months ago

We need the ability to set the FPS limit in the game's options menu. 30, 60, 120, maybe an unlimited option too.

Personally, I have the game set to all max settings, it runs at 120FPS on my laptop, but causes my laptop to run hot and pump out tons of heat. I don't need 120 FPS, I would like to limit it to 60, which I did in a few other games I set at maximum graphics and it drastically lowered the temp of my laptop and made it more comfortable to use. I'm sure there are others out there who would like to reduce system load by reducing the FPS to a better level.

Please add this in the display options so that we can finally set the FPS limit to a specific level if we want. I need to reduce system load in order to run this game at lower temperatures and I don't want to sacrifice graphics when I could just drop the useless frame generation.

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Agree. My laptop is melting when game runs at 120 fps, and V-Sync is not an option as I have 144 Hz display, and I don't want to go to the OS/display settings and switch them to 60 Hz manually each time when I going to play as it is not comfortable at all. I was looking for any solutions, but only met pretty many people having same problem, so I think fps limit option is really underrated.


Do you have an nVidia GPU? If so, the driver will let you set the settings for max FPS in an individual game or all games while you wait. Unfortunately, no game developers are likely to do the FPS option anymore, they all just add v-sync these days.


1: nVidia Control Panel

2: Manage 3D settings

3: Max Frame Rate, set this to what you want.

*4: Optionally set these settings for specific programs only like SE.


I run "RivaTunerStatisticsServer", and have added SpaceEngineers.exe to it, and then I can set the FPS to anything. I currently have it set to 120 (I have a 144hz monitor, but 120 is acceptable for my old eyes). If I don't, the game screams into the thousand in certain cases which is not needed. With the fps limiter on (using RivaTuner), it behaves much better.

So if Keen decide not to build one into the game itself... simply use RivaTuner (its built for things like this in mind).