NA#2 Safe Zone station in space is just gone.

Engi shared this bug 23 months ago

My safe zone faction station went missing after I was gone for 15 min to get a strong signal. It had a safe zone that had 25 chips in it (I fill it up ever time I leave the station) It had over 6,000kg of U in the large reactor and the reactor and safe zone gen are ONLY in my name and accessible by ONLY me. It has been in the same spot for a month now. It has two fully upgrade refineries, 5 H2 tanks, 1 fully upgraded assembler, O2/H2 gen, O2 tank, 5 large containers, 4 small containers, doors, windows, decorations, store and contract blocks, two decks, desks, toilet, shower, couches, projector table, 4 beds, vent, LCD screens, planters, kitchens. It was a fully functional station. It had millions of kg of ingots in it. It had two small ships owned by two different faction members docked to two different connectors. All trace of it is gone from my PCU list. It was about 3200 PCU.

The only thing that I can think of that could have made it disappear is one of the small ships that was docked to it, was owned by a player who has not played in over a week. Maybe the ship was cleaned based on him not logging on and it cleaned the station and other small ship with it...?

This is a real problem. Please look into it. That was a lot of time and effort in mining, refining and building.

I also had hundreds of thousands of kg of U ore being refined a the time too.

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This is infuriating because the same thing has happened to me on NA#1.

Luckily I decided to split my base in multiple sections or I would have NOTHING!

2-3 months of building all gone in seconds and not by the hands of a player.

Thousands of resources I had planned for future builds and events just vanished.

My station was on the Moon that had a open spawn point.

There I helped many new players get situated and and traded with other established players.

It was the biggest hub on the moon. Now it is barren and I don't even know if it's worth building it all over again.

So far, no admins in the discord has addressed this issue but there are MULTIPLE people reporting this.

I have seen the player count drop on the servers and common residents have not logged on in some days now.

People are moving on to other games because of the seriousness of this issue and i'm heavily considering doing the same. There are a lot of bugs and feature many of us look past but this issue is Game Killing, never mind breaking.


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