Multiple Resource Nodes Spawned In Same Location

Donald Jory Jr. shared this bug 22 months ago

I've been scouring Earth for Uranium & Silver. They're extremely rare where my character spawned on Keen NA #3 server. So far, the only 2 Silver nodes that I've found were both spawned on top of other nodes. One is on an Ice node and one is on an Iron node.

I fly around in my jet pack with my drill out. I spot a node, fly up to it and then I can see what's inside, because my drill tells me. Upon my arrival, it says Silver, so I get excited, land and start drilling into the top of it. I immediately find myself trapped under the skin of the Silver node, yet the voxels I've been destroying are visibly getting destroyed beneath me and yielding rocks, but it's a different resource. I can't jump out, because the skin of the Silver node has me trapped inside. If I try to drill my way out of the Silver node, I can escape, yet the voxels do not change and it yields 0 rocks. If I try to drill the same spot again, I only get the common resource, not the Silver. After that, I can walk around the node and see the resource title from my drill change back and forth between the two resources. It's always one or the other, but never both simultaneously.

I'd like to note that yesterday, I caught another faction member at the control station of my base, while I was having problems with my land rover and jet packing back and forth from the distant rover and my base. I ended up using my grinder to best the player and then I left the faction to start my own. However, it was an unannounced guest and the timing of the visit just seemed to be uncanny enough to be notable. The player's visible name was USC.Assessing of the Covenant faction. It just seemed fishy to me, and then this node bug started happening today, or at least today was the first time I noticed it. In other words, not until after that unexpected visit did I find multiple nodes on top of each other.

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Silver/Ice Node: GPS:****Silver/Ice Node?:38449.21:26363.23:-39432.4:

Silver/Iron Node: GPS:****Silver/Iron Node?:36304.89:27504.54:-40706.95:


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I found another one, today, but I didn't save the location.