multiplayer desync invisable players invisable blocks dissapearing blocks

SysZer@ shared this bug 4 years ago

I have been noticing a lot of issues seem to be creeping around for the last couple of days concerning multiplayer.

I was playing multiplayer and player 3 could not see me at all until I log out. player 2 could see me just fine and when I was moving around and such.

my multiplayer set has a 2nd pc and monitor right beside mine and I noticed player 2 was in a tunnel in an asteroid but on my screen I was in the base top side and player 2 was right in front of me. not moving at all so I figured I may be laggin but no player 3 sees player 2 and player 1 moving around just fine so that rules out lag between player 1 and player 2.. player 3 could also see player 2 in the tunnel in the asteroid.

next comes to projections. there are some blocks of the projection player 2 sees and player 1 cant fully interact with. when player 1 attempts to weld this part it simply disappears into thin air. when player 2 attempts to weld it works perfectly and the block reappears out of thin air on player 1's screen.

upon relogging out both issues are fixed but only for a random amount of time problem there is no way of actually knowing when player 1 is glitched or when your not unless player 2 is following you everywhere you go watching every move.

Another instance we noticed is when I was flying a ship my ship completely froze in place but player 2 and player 3 could see me maneuvering the ship just fine but the ships physical placement was not updating on my screen. Player 3 told me to slow down as I about rammed straight into the base as I could not see the updates on my screen. I hit the inertial dampeners and came to an invisible stop jumped out my ship and then it updated my screen. problem with the scenario is why can player 2 and 3 see me moving and able to still control the ship if this could have been a lag issue. in one instance over a period of 4 minutes or so they had to talk me though docking the ship when it had appeared frozen in place on my screen. and following their instruction docked the ship and only when I jumped out it updated. my sceen that the ship had docked from a frozen stance point.

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In addition to the desync issues When player 1 is grinding down a ship using a 20x20 grinder platform player 1 sees sparks but sparks don't end when layer is finished and player 2 sees sparks until the layer is finished has to tell player 1 that the layer has grinded and has finished. player 1 still sees the sparks even tho the layer has finished and player 2 has to make player 1 aware of this situation... player 2 should be seeing these same results as all other players but does not... We are all playing LAN game

On further investigation when player1's camera is panned to the side in attempt to guide the ship straight into the grinders this is the only time this bug can be observed. It a very bad inconsistency as player 2 has to tell player 1 that its actually finished...


in the same scenario I just encountered this as well.

Player1 toggled the grinders off and player 1 sees the animation of spinning grinders have stopped. player2 informs player 1 that the grinders have indeed not toggled off and can still see the animation of the spinning grinders. player 1 flys over the visually stopped grinders and dies. upon player1 respawning grinders still are visually off and not spinning even tho they indeed are and can be toggled again and appear to now be spinning to both players. player1 never sees them stop until player 1 logs out and back in a sets them to off once more. Keen whats going on here im starting to doubt anything I do when player2 is not with me to tell me when things go ape crap.


these are the mods the server runs could one of these be the culprit

Solar System Planets
















Juipiter HD


Moons of mars

Mars Enhanced

Luna - realistic geography

Venus - now with atmospheric and lava damage


Tera - realistic geography

Small bock Static grid

HCDS small ship medical panel

RB Compact battery

HCDS small ship cyropod

DX11 Hatch

Moar Ships (updated)

HCDS small ship refinery and assembler

Hard core survival respawn ship

Small ship vanilla mod pack

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