Multiplayer bug resulting in crash/kick (oxygen related ?)

NiimeeKi shared this bug 3 years ago

Hello people,

we did face a strange bug yesterday on our server that I did not find any informations about on the web.

Server specs :

- Dedicated server, 8 slots, 4 friends playing on the same time.

- Survival mode

- Was experimental : false at time of failure

- Oxygen : Enabled at time of failure

- Oxygen Pressurisation : Enabled at time of failure

Description of the issue :

- For no reasons, we began to being kicked out the server (in fact the application completely crashed, not sure it's a "real" kick or just a crash).

- Here is what was written on the server logs :

2019-03-13 23:22:28.686 - Thread: 1 -› XXXXXX (player name) was trying to cheat!

2019-03-13 23:22:28.686 - Thread: 1 -› Kick, Access MyGasTank.OnFilledRatioCallback

- Only the player which has admin rights was not kicked. Instead for him there was this on the logs :

2019-03-13 23:18:55.061 - Thread: 1 -› Access MyGasTank.OnFilledRatioCallback

2019-03-13 23:18:55.061 - Thread: 1 -› XXXXXX's action was blocked.

- After this, it was impossible to spawn at the location we were previously, this would inevitably lead to the same crash.

- Respawning elsewhere was possible, without crashing.

- Our friend with admin rights decided to disable Oxygen and Oxygen Pressurisation.

- Things came back to normal state and we were able to play again.

For now, we did not try to enable back the Oxygen and Oxygen Pressure, fearing to reproduce the same "bug". Maybe we'll try it, or try it after having shut down (or destroy) everything related to oxygens (bottles, tanks, generators).

But we'd like to know if this is an already known bug ? Or just to inform everyone what we faced.


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We are having a similar problem on our server. I tried to refill an oxygen bottle in an oxygen tank (which doesn't have enough in it to fill all the bottles at once). Next thing I know we all have our clients freeze and close. After a few hours (we had oxygen farms going) we were able to get back on, and all the oxygen bottles were filled, and we didn't have any problems....till I tried to fill more oxygen bottles.....


Having the same issues


To anyone who may feel concerned :

it's actually due to the fact that someone did put an oxygen bottle on an empty oxygen tank.

We are able to reproduce this bug anytime on a Vanilla server.

It has already been reported here :

Another discussion is here, even if it's on a mod page, mod creator is clearly stating the bug does exist on Vanilla. (page 2) :



I've been trying to solve this bug on a game with my friends for hours. You're a lifesaver!


Hello, Engineer!

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We really appreciate your patience.

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