Multiplayer. Block names are renamed from Russian to English after dedicated server restart

VZ shared this bug 2 years ago


On a Rusian dedicated server when it restarts, if blocks were not renamed and the server restarted, the names become in english.

Negative effect:

Half of batteries in Russian, half batteries in English. It is hard to work, group, rename, control blocks because they are sorted by alphabet in 2 groups in 2 languages.

Steps to reproduce:

1. Install Space Engineers client in Russian

2. Install Dedicated server

3. Start and configure local dedicated server in Creative mode

4. Connect as client to the server and create medical block, wind turbine, couple of armor blocks and 2 batteries, and control terminal.

5. Open terminal for the grid and note that batteries are in Russian

6. Restart the dedicated server

7. Connect as client again

8. Open terminal for the grid

9. Note that all blocks are now in English.

10. Create 2 new batteries

11. Note in terminal that half of batteries are in Russian, half in English

Expected result:

Block names locale is persisted on server restart.

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Hello, Engineer!

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We really appreciate your patience.

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9 months since then, but bug still there...


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