More than one ScreenArea when using Transparent Screens causes problems

Kham shared this bug 2 years ago

When using the new ScreenArea system for available block types, if you try to use more than one Transparent type of screen it appears that whichever one you last activate via the control panel will work but any others on the block will vanish.

My test setup used TransparentScreenArea_01, TransparentScreenArea_02, and TransparentScreenArea_03 as materials applied to my model. Each of them was defined in TransparentMaterials, cloned from the vanilla TransparentScreenArea.

If I set screen 1 to text and images and entered some text, it would display.

I then set screen 2 to text and images and screen 1 disappeared from the model but screen 2 worked.

I progressed to set screen 3 to text and images and screen 2 disappeared from the model but screen 3 worked.

I then set screen 1 to none and then back to text and images and now screen 1 was visible but the others disappeared.

I also discovered that if you attempt to use a transparent ScreenArea on a block in conjunction with a non transparent ScreenArea then the transparent one just never works but the non transparent screens seem to work ok.

For this test I used TransparentScreenArea, CockpitScreen_01, and CockpitScreen_02.

Having the ability to use more than one transparent screen area, and having the ability to combine transparent and non transparent screen areas in a single block seems like it should be something the system should be able to do thus I've classed it as a bug. Maybe this is intended and it should be instead a feature request but that's not for me to know.

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