More Sabiroids + Swarm/Infestation events + Hives

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This is not a bug report

Or is it?

We need more variety in our 6 legged monsters to blow up. I can see two separate ways to handle this: More Bug Types, and New Bug Behaviors

More Bug Types:

Ants and Bees have different types suited for different tasks in the Mound/Hive. The same thing can be done with our Spidery bois.

Worker Spider - This is our standard Spider. Skitters, burrows, and bites things. Very simple.

Soldier Spider - This type of Spider would have a ranged attack for defending the Hive and hunting. Where the Worker Spider can vomit up acid like a big ant to help it dig out hives and tunnels, the Soldier Spider can hock that spicy loogie great distances to melt the armor off of ships and buildings. They're also a bit tougher than their Worker brothers, able to shrug off more bullets.

Hunter Spider - This Spider species can fly on huge terrible wasp-like wings. If that wasn't bad enough, it can eject a spray of deadly spines from its abdomen to shred light armor and engineers. Very scary. Bring out the big guns for these.

Spiderlings - These tiny spiders aren't very tough, but they are fast and their bites still hurt. They would replace Wolves on Alien planets and Titan moons, supporting larger Spiders with numbers.

New Bug Behaviors:

These would be new events that change the way spiders behave.

Swarm - Spiderboyes would attack en masse, with Spiderlings and Workers. As this isn't too different from standard behavior, the main concern is the combined threat of both the Wolf-like spiderlings and regular workers together.

Infestation - An Infestation situation would be new, in that a "Hive" entity would spawn a certain distance away from the player, either above or underground, and continuously spawn Workers and Lings. When attacked, Hives would start spawning Soldier Spiders to defend it.

Hive Cluster - A Spider Hive Cluster would be the main breeding ground for all the Spiders on the planet. As such, it is heavily guarded by Soldiers and Hunters. Hive Clusters would be big holes deep into the ground, with multiple Hives passively spawning bugs of all types scattered around the hole. Hive Clusters are usually situated on large deposits of rare minerals, like Uranium, making the endeavor well worth the effort. After a Hive Cluster is destroyed, Spider spawns would be reduced for a certain period of time. Of course, another Hive Cluster will pop up somewhere eventually, and the spawning rate will return to normal.


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I would love if Keen did a big NPC overhaul fixing current npcs and adding new npcs. I use to go to Alien because I wanted to deal with PVE until they broke it. I think these would be interesting ideas to branch out the Sabiroid species. I made a suggestion about fixing current npcs and removing the hard code on them enabling modders to mod custom npcs.


it would also be cool if they were overhauled to properly navigate on created blocks maybe ships so it could potentially infest a ship crawling all over it and through its corridors starting a nest at some point in the ship etc this would be awesome. you could even have encounters in space with disabled stations and ships that have been infested possibly drifting to earth or other planets crashing to the surface to infest it. Basically sort of a mix between ALIEN and Starship Troopers adding so much more depth to the survival not only on the alien planet

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