Modded Vendor Blocks - UI doesn't work correctly.

Cheyne Stahlhut shared this bug 2 years ago

Hi Guys,

I was working on a new modding project and I've come across a bug, the Vending Machine extra UI elements that allow you to use I and F to open the different menus appear to be hard-coded to the subtype Id 'Vending Machine'.

I made a simple duplicate of the Veending Machine defintion and changed only the subtype id and only the terminal option comes up. All the other buttons work just fine.

I then exported my model and made its subtype id over-write <SubtypeId>VendingMachine</SubtypeId>

and the block showed all the terminal controls you would expect. I suspect it has something to do with the code that loads up the 'searching for offers' content as this will not appear on modded block with a different subtype id at all. The picture below is me changing a block to use "VendingMachine" as its subtype id.

This is the same block and SBC right after changing the subtype id to anything else.

Images showing issue:

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Further pictures to demonstrate the issue, this was using an exact clone of the vending machine in game files and its SBC entry with just a subtype id change to make it another block that wouldn't over-write the vanilla entry for VendingMachine.


Can also add after some further testing, the empty IS correctly being detected and working in game. I changed the block to an assembler tpye but accidently left the empty in the model and the correct UI elements come up.

So the issue has to be related to the logic that drives the 'looking for offers' game mechanic on Vending Machines and Stores main screen preventing the correct UI elements from functioning to open their respective windows.


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