Modded NPC Owners have have No money when a player Sells to the store block

Super Happy Alien shared this bug 13 months ago

a few problems with the new economy update and factions.

When adding Custom Factions to the economy in the random FactionNames_Economy.sbc file or the Factions.Sbc file the the Store block will say " The Owner of this store does not have Enough Money" even that faction shows it has 100,000,000 , i tryed placing money in the blocks etc it will allow a player to buy from the store block but not sell to it.

Also i noticed that in the Factions.SBC file that <DefaultRelation>Neutral</DefaultRelation>

dose not longer work and the faction is still hostile to the player.

i have Also noticed that Faction NPC owner allways seem to dead (Dead) next to there name when transfering ownership etc.

here is a link to the world with the mod installed and station spawned on the planet.

the station can be removed and respawned using the a command line

/MES.Spawn.PlanetaryInstallation.IMDC Construction Platform Ground

in the player chat. wait about 30sec if reloaded world before.

thanks for taking a look.

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