Mod localization not working (MyTexts.[Language].resx)

Горячий Павел shared this feedback 4 years ago

I do not greet you. And yet there is a question about the localization of mods in several languages. How to localize a mod? Or is there no way? When will the modders be given the opportunity to localize the mods? Maybe I don’t know something?I know for sure that you have successfully ignored such topics:

Are you planning to add the ability to localize mods?

I do not need answers from your bots.

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You have to wrap your variables with {LOC: } like this: {LOC:DISPLAY_NAME_VAR} and make sure you have an SBL file with an entry for the language your resx file is translating to... But there is a bug, it works when you first spawn the blocks but when you build a grid and save it all the {LOC: } info is stripped out and when you reload you loose the all you see in the control panel are your variable names - so it is bugged, even if you get it working!

Please upvote the bug, maybe they will prioritize it and get it fixed! :)

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