Mod error logger pouinting at wrong files.

Pyrald Lystent shared this bug 4 years ago

I am creating a hand weapon mod. I set one of the values in HandItems.sbc to a bad value, and the error logger was throwing me "MOD_CRITICAL_ERROR: Phlare Beiliar Rotrabue Pack, in file: C:\Users\Velori\AppData\Roaming\SpaceEngineers\Mods\Phlare Beiliar Rotrabue Pack\Data\AnimationControllers\AC_Astronaut.sbc MOD SKIPPED, Cannot load definition file", but with various other files as well, only one file at a time.

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I've seen several people in discord with SBC errors that pointed to files that had no issues in them, for them to find that the issue was in another file.


Just had the same issue, logfile was pointing to CubeBlocks, problem was in BlockCategories


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